You Might be a Terrorist if?

Like John Steward, but not as nearly as funny, I believe humor brings the darkness to light.  The below is not meant to insult anyone in any form, but only to enlighten you to how crazy OUR government is being.  Fear is the tool that has been used against man for eons, this period is no different.  Every common sense person who has traveled this great land knows you can’t stop the attacks.  You can be self reliant. You can be aware of your environment.  You can work within your community to make it better. Ask yourself, “Who determines, who are terrorist.” I hope you enjoy, and it works best if you have a redneck voice while you read the lines.

You Might be a Terrorist if?

If you got the gall dang nerve to think the constitution is better than the government, you might be a terrorist— sovereign citizen movement

If you live in the city of Lancaster,(California), you might want to look up and see the cool looking airplane.  It’s looking down at you, caus you might be a terrorist.

If yur one them survival folks, you could be the worst terrorist of all.

If you all think illegal immigrates shouldn’t be getting drivers licensees, then you might be terrorist?  Anti-immigration extremism

If yur one of them wacko’s that reads alternative news and such, then you might be terrorist? Alternative media

If your one of them prayer lovers that loves to hold prayers in your house, dang nap it you might be a terrortist?

If you’re an American, and dear Uncle Sam don’t like ya, rest asherd you’re a commie loven, cow pie eating, dirty rotten terroristest!!

If you want fly on a plane, you might be a terrorist?  Don’t let them old ladies and little kids fool you, they could be alkada spies.

I tell you what my friends, I sure am having a hard time telln whose a terrorist and who ain’t.  I am red blooded American. I love my football, and red steaks. Why hell, I gotta an American flag sticker on my American truck. I voted for Bush twice and damn proud of it.  As I look this list over I realize, hell I love the constitution.  It don’t make no sense to give a legal documentation to someone who’s illegal. Am I living in some kinda bizzaro world where good ole boys like myself are thought of as terrorist.  You know what the whole thing makes my head hurt.  I’m just gonna go watch some football, have my som beer and forget this whole crazy day.

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